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December 10, 2009

Shape Tweening

Name : Shape Tweening
Category : Beginner

This lesson will teach you how to create a Shape tween. Shape tween is used to morph from one shape to another and back again. The first shape will get merged into the second one.

1- Open Flash and create a new document.
2- Build a square in the workspace(discussed in Motion tweening).

3- Insert Keyframe on Frame 25.
4- While still on Frame 25 delete the square from the workspace.
5- Draw a circle in place of the square.
6- Now select all the frames, in the Properties window you will see Tween option, which is currently set to none.
7- From the Tween drop down selector choose Shape.
8- It's done. Now test your movie by pressing Ctrl + Enter. You will see that the square shape get morphed into the circle shape.

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