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December 10, 2009

Motion Tweening

Name : Motion Tweening in Macromedia Flash
Category : Begginer

The first and basic step in Flash is Motion Tweening. It will act as the basic building unit for Flash.

This tutorial will show you how to create a motion tween in Flash, and hopefully you will understand more about motion tweening.

Follow the following steps:

1- First, launch Flash. Once the program will be fully loaded, you should now create a new file, you should see a blank area called your workspace.

2- Now, select the Rectangle tool from the set of icons on the left of the screen.

3- Once you have selected the Rectangle tool, go to your drawing area (workspace) and draw a square. Try to make the square to the left edge of your drawing area:
4- After the square has been drawn, jump to your timeline. Your timeline is the area toward the top of the screen with numbers and small, vertical boxes. Notice that here at Frame 1, a solid dot appears :

5- Now, find the Frame number 20. Right click directly at the frame under the number label 20 and select "Insert Keyframe":

6- With the Frame 20 still selected, go down to your wpokspace. Select your entire square. Now, move the square to the right-most edge of your movie (workspace) area:

7- Its now time to Motion Tween. Click on Frame 1 and highlight all the frames from Frame 1 to Frame 20. While all the frames are highlighted, right click and select "Create Motion Tween":
8- If everything worked out correctly, then your highlighted frames will take purple color with a arrow leading from Frame 1 to Frame 20.

9- You have done it. Now test your movie by Pressing Ctrl + Enter key.

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