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December 19, 2009

Changing Mouse Pointer

Name : Changing Mouse Pointer in Flash
Category : Intermediate

In Macromedia Flash any symbol or movie clip can be used as a Mouse Pointer. Here you will learn how to change mouse pointer in flash.

1- Open Macromedia Flash and create a new file.

2- Draw any shape you want in place of the pointer. Like this one :

3- Convert that shape to movie clip. To do so, select the whole shape and right click on it and select “Convert to symbol” (see figure below), select movie clip from the type and name it as “Pointer”.

4- Now select the Pointer movie clip and in the properties panel name the instance as “point1”.

5- Now create a new layer.

6- Name the new layer as “Actions” and the old one that contain your movie clip as “Pointer”

7- Select the frame one of the actions layer and open the Actions panel. Make sure that you write the script on the first frame of the "Actions" layer. Write the script as follows :


8- All done now check your movie clip by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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